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Before writing this post, I believed one of the easiest thing to do is failing an exam but this time a lot of stuff hooked the other way around. Still the “happy” thing was I am not the Hero of this movie.
Final year of my college life just started and it’s the time to face the placements. Excited and screwed up!! Just another average guy of the class, got a few options but can only choose one. A dartboard though 237 cms away but with a faded red spot.
Few more words about me, I think I’ll be loosing up my credibility. So lets get back to the story. On 9th Aug, 2011 Evalueserve visited my campus, NIT Jalandhar, for campus recruitment. The company with 3 business lines:- Health-care Sciences, Corporate and Professional Services and Financial Services was the first mass recruiter to knock the doors of our TPO for placements. So was the welcoming!! 309 students sat in the pre-placement talk conducted by their AVP( Associate Vice President).
3 straight rounds and you may be walking out of TPO with a placement. 1 aptitude test and 2 HR interviews, final one with the AVP. Now lets get to the point you might be interested in reading. The aptitude was rationally quite hard. The mathematical aptitude part may go above your head. 30 questions in 30 minutes with negative marking; the lesser the time gets, harder you try and by the end you may feel like “man! I have lost it”. Real fun starts from here. The result was out within next 2 hours. 85 students were selected out of the whole lot. My and one of my friend’s name was not their. Happy for myself, actually I knew thats gonna happens because that’s what I wanted but shocked about my friend as his test went good. What the hell was the cut-off? 0!!! Wtf….He felt like an ostrich dropped an egg on his head.
02:45 pm: I was outside the TPO with another friend of mine who actually got selected, he wished to fail the test, waiting for the HRs to come and the rest of the 84 people as nobody was their. Soon our PRs and HR gang was their and the rest of the crowd. Every second person on the floor wanted to get out of the place as if they are being abducted and so was my friend.
Only thing kept striking my mind “Why did they cleared the test?’Its not that difficult to fail a test”.
The usual dialog on the floor especially the mechics and the ece’s ” yaar pata nahi kaise pass ho gaye! humne toh aise hi test de diya tha”. The scenario of the result of aptitude test became drastic actually sarcastic I say when students started complaining “I gave the answer sheet unattempted”. (That’s makes you clear the cut-off. you are in, dude! Size of the egg was getting bigger.) One actually needs INTELLIGENCE even to fail a test. Life is dilemma. More rational one gets, you are falling down from the expected region. The weird stuff is gonna happen.
The checking criteria and cut-off became the buzz of the place within an hour as many intentionally attempted the wrong answers and still they were called for the HR round. After hearing all this stuff, “Why did I failed the test?” remains a dilemma for me.