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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

             By:- Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher.

I thought of starting up my post with the above quote as this what I have been believing in, since I actually started to understand the word “LUCK”. But things always go the other way around when you expect the least of it, I think this is what is called as Life.
Sadly, Nothing landed up on my head but I still got the charms to be the spectator of the puppet show of the God. It was just another Monday morning. I was in my class waiting for the teacher to arrive but few students came in and asked us to leave as the room was alloted for written test of Alstom Power. The whole batch walked out and I met a friend of mine. He was there to give the test, disheartened as he was made eligible this morning and haven’t prepared anything. I wished him best of luck and walked out.
Within a few hours, the result was out and his name was on the list. I was quite happy for him and met him in the afternoon. He said “mazak mazak main test clear ho gaya”. Two more rounds to go, one G.D and othe Personal Interview, and he’s gonna get his life’s first ever placement. And now he was quite confident. Though quite calm and confident, still you could see the anxiousness in his eyes asking an answer from his fate or luck.
Soon the day ended and the final list of selected students was out. Whether it was the Almighty who played his will or it is your luck who is in race with the God that makes you win sometimes. His name was first on the list. The day ended with the Showstopper walking the talk and a platoon of friends kicking his butt, smile stuck to his face as if a stone being carved.
He met me next day and thanked me for helping him. All I said was ” When it is your day, something good is gonna happen”. Still the smile was there as if it being a never ending phenomena. He replied back to me ” subah se hi sab kuch achcha ho raha tha” or I should say ” He was Feeling Lucky”.
Life is like a road. There are no bumps and shocks if your fate favours. You don’t need to be a master driver,  all you need is some shear luck.