This 20th Tata Motors visited our campus. The company whose every industrial or mechanical engg wants to be a part of. Package of 5.5 lac  p.a which may get revised to 7.8 lacs. So people start dreaming because they gonna make you fly high!!!
The atelier was set. Students were placed in front of the desktops and the clock started ticking at 8:15. 108 eyes were on a unrest for 140 mins. By the time the test was over everybody has made up some where in there mind that Tata Motors is not their piece of cake. But still their was an eagerness for the result which arrived within an hour. Though I was not there but I can still imagine that many have been rubbing their eyes as 23 students got selected. The aptitude test saved their ass actually. Technical test is quite difficult to crack though it was more based on conceptual questions.
There was an adrenaline rush with lot of excitement!! Infact somewhere in my heart I felt the same excitement though it was for my friend Akhil. The time ran like a chasing bull and soon the G.D round started. Curiosity was increase with every passing movement as who would clear through it as it was quite known that all those who clear through would possibly get placed.
I spent the whole two hours in my rooms waiting for the round to get over and hear the results. For those two short hours only one thing kept striking my mind again and again about the day I am gonna face my own placement.
Soon the result was out  and 14 people cleared out who will be heading to Delhi for their final combat. The good news that even dazzled the beholder was “Akhil was in the final fourteen.” Wow!!! Super Sexy!! Somebody who actually stammered alot, was going to make his place amongst the college’s top level placements.
Really happy for him.
Sunday passed by and the flock was back with anxiety on their faces. With plethora of uncertainty and belief in their hearts everybody waited for the result.