BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu‘s recent statement regarding our worthy/unworthy Prime Minister Mammohan Singh calling him a “Pappu PM” has highlighted in many newspapers and even made a place in the minds of many Indians.  I believe he’s not being wrong in making such a statement regarding our PM as he has been inactive, inefficient even indecisive in many of the political matter. Though somewhere in my mind I also took as an another political promotional propoganda and it went quite effective.  But our widely respected economist and scholar has remained quite unresponsive such kind of comments and even at many events where he needs to be quite active and prominent.
“It astonishes me that Manmohan Singh should talk so little and be so barely visible that we might be forgiven for thinking that India has an imaginary Prime Minister,” wrote a celebrity-journalist in his blog a few months ago.
Our Prime Minister is nothing less than a “Saint in Disguise” whose living a life of Gymnosophists sitting on the top of a mountain. A Gymnosophists is the name given by Greeks to Indian philosophers who pursued asceticism, that is pursuing the aim of spiritual achievements for life. They characterize themselves by abstinence from different worldly pleasures and powers and maintain a state of nothingness for themselves for their entire life. He is a strong believer of cycle of life and death as many of the Indians. I believe he needs to be bit more active than just following solely asceticism. The man whose being accepted by majority of the Indians as their leader should be more efficient and prominent in his activities.
In a speech he gave at a public conclave held in the Capital, Manmohan Singh said: “I do not want India to be a super power; I just want India to stand in the comity of nations.” So he doesn’t seem to display any signs of being power-needy.
Our former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee stated this in one of our Lok Sabha meeting. During the “anshans” held by Anna Hazare as apart of the revolt against corruption Atal Bihari Vajpayee went to meet PM asked him to take a decision. He told, I said to PM, ” Pradhan Mantri saab aap koi nidnayan kyun nahi lete? Desh main itna sab kuch ho raha hai. Aapko nidnayan lena chahiye.(PM sir why don’t you take any decision? A lot of stuff is happening in our country. You should take a decision.) Then He told what our PM replied, ”  unhone jawaab diya ‘nidnayan na lena bhi ek nidnayan hai”. ( PM answered ‘Being indecisive is itself a decision’)
It is believed that our PM Manmohan Singh has nothing to lose. He is  pursuing his life on the laissez faire policy who believes himself of having no stake neither in the country nor in the planet and no worldly pleasures. He is being reluctant in even in the adverse situations being faced by the country. He maintains a stage of existential nihilism for himself  which argues that life is without objective meaning.
So the man with the power and stature as high as PM in our country in nothing less than an Avatar of a saint from our thousand year old mythology and we should respect his nobility and subtle attitude being held by him.