A day in PM Manmohan Singh life


PM Manmohan Singh Ji wakes up and makes a call.

PM: Hello!

Sonia Gandhi Hello!

PM: How are you Sonia Ji? Good Morning!!

Sonia Gandhi: Good Morning Manmohan Ji! How are you?

PM: It is a great day today. I just wanted to ask should I take a bath?

Sonia Gandhi: hmm…ok!!

PM: And Sonia Ji, P Chidambaram is calling again and again. He says he got doubts regarding 2G. He misunderstood that. I think we should do something. We should also tell people something about it as they are very angry. We should conduct a meeting with the media.

Sonia Gandhi: hmm….Ok!!! I will talk to P Chidambaram Ji.  I will tell Rahul to conduct a meeting with the media. He is so fond of making wyde’s(promises).  You need to do nothing.


An employee at PMO office to our PM..

Employee: Sir, I need a day’s leave.

PM: hmm…Why?

Employee: Sir, my wife is sick.

PM: hmm….what happened?

Employee: Sir, she is suffering from high B.P. and diabetes. She is quite ill today.

PM: hmmm….Ok!!!

Employee: Sir, I already talked to Sonia Ji and she said yes.

PM: Ok. Then go, go.


The phone rings at PM house.

PM: Hello!

Sonia Gandhi: Hello! What are you doing?

PM: Sonia Ji, I am meditating right now. I want to experience nothingness.

Sonia Gandhi: Manmohan Ji! How could you without my permission?
(phone clicks)

P.S: All the stuff written is for the sole purpose of sarcasm.