Life has been crazier, wittier and stranger as it moves on and burdens up your head with stuff that you can’t rely on but you still live with zeal to enjoy the crux. I am not going to write about some adventurous ride or vacation I just had with my friends but an ecstasy I inherit.

I am a final year student of an engineering college; already have a job in my hand though I’ll be joining somewhat around July of this year. I live with a safe career, just travelling around with my bags packed, facing promotions and increments with passage of time. Life is a rat-race and I am about to get my share of it. Life is unpredictable! Life is complicated! But for me this phase, It is all set. Everything is pre-decided with confirmation mails and blessing of my parents. Is that you all need from your life? An average life, a sweet home in some overpopulated, highly polluted area of a city where you come back every evening and your wife offers a cup of tea or a list of households to be bought from the market RIGHT NOW!

Last year I attended a lecture by the Dean from IIM-Ahmedabad about new entrepreneurial uprisings in the country.

He said, “Your family issues, financial issues are just excuses which stop you from being an entrepreneur.”

Me: “Sir, if all these are excuses then what is that you need to be one?”

He: “It is zeal, a desire one lives with. Everybody lives with some problems but this zeal makes you surpass all and motivates you to get what want.”

He actually paused in between as if he was short of words in describing this. I felt familiar as well as curious because I had what he was talking about and curious because I wanted to know more about it. What makes you go for it, when yo

u know there is stuff that is making close to impossible?

Is it fame related to it? Or it is the money that one gets? I don’t think so there are many who are not famous. Everyone won’t land up being an Ambani or Birla. I have a friend who runs his own business in fact his family business. He once said, “In business, earning a single 100 rupees note is very difficult. There is high uncertainty. A hell lot of hard work is required. You are lucky; you started up with a job.”

I kept looking at him smiling as he was right. I was being paid even for my training but in business you have to pay the price for that.

 But that’s not what I want. People do it for satisfaction. An addiction lives inside you and that makes you go for it.  An achievement fot the belief that lives inside you for your soul.