The day started with my lazy ass embossed on the bed underneath the thick tailor-made quilt till the time my mobile starts ringing. Relatives calling up expecting an exciting start for the day of festival of colors in India. Belated Happy Holi friends!!!.

By the way I am not writing this post about my love for the traditional Hindu festival “Holi”. The cook is on leave enjoying the Holi vacation with 250 ml of desi daaru and his fleet of fully coloured companions. My friend and I decided to cook Maggi in the kitchen for the midnight treat – Our bid adieu to this holy festival.

We started with 2 packs of Maggi and a CBI raid on the fridge looking for handful of stuff left for our deliciously delicious Maggi. Soon we finalized our recipe-

Butter Mutter Midnight Maggi
1.  Butter
2. 2 handfuls of Mutter
3. 2 packs of Maggi
4. 3 onions
5. hari mirch and salt as per taste

and the most important one midnight hunger!!!

We chopped down the onions into thin slices with hari mirch and put the stove on fire. The butter started melting and turned brown from yellow and we pour the onion and thin bits of hari mirch in the pan. The onions turned brown and glazed as if some brass work on antique horse statue was polished to be sold out in an exhibition.

Soon the smoke from the stove ionized with the hari mirch effect filled the kitchen and hit two of our five senses that made me escape to the pavilion (the bedroom).  But that smoke energized the daredevil chef hormones of my friend who still held his place with spatula in his hand stirring the mix. He held his place in the smoke-filled kitchen as if a warrior was commanded to hold his ground till the backup team joins in. Soon the smoke occupied the lobby and the place was filled with asthmatic patients.

Finally we added water to the mix and  our Maggi was ready with that ethnic colour of Veg Maggi and an appetizing taste.