The more you get to know the place, the dustier it gets! The summers would feel warmer over there

Finally, I am back at my current location, on my bed, scribbling on my blog-post. I spent the whole day searching a new home – Sweet home actually for me and my friend. The reason being my office is shifting to a new location because of all the blah – blah reasons. The dusty road of the city really sucks your brain to less than 3%.

We started the search for new destiny around 2’0 clock with details of few brokers in that region as that part is completely out of the city and under-construction. There were more shops of real estate agents than anything else. I was thinking, soon there will be Real Estate butter masala instead of Paneer butter masala. That one part of the city is pretty much developed as completely a new city with many markets or buildings under-construction. A lot of money and resources were flushed into the region with aspirations of making fortune on future returns. What the fuck! who cares, we need to find a decent place to live.

The main road is bordered with a fleet of malls, multiplexes, shopping complexes and residential projects backing up there asses with their chunks of  2 BHK’s or 3 BHK’s. The room size and facilities were on the minimal size with inflated prices like hot air balloons. Though the real heat was because construction going on at different places. Their were clouds of dust filling up the air even upto the seventh floor of the buildings.

I was standing at the balcony of a building on seventh floor and I could see was – a carpet of concrete building with spots of green color because of the trees, the picture was getting paler and grain-er at the farther ends as if a blanket of dust is spread all over it