“A man’s designation may define his power but the journey defines the stature.”

With the slogans and tantrums of “Achche din wale hai” came the wave of true essence of BJP’s Feel Good Factor campaign. The enigmatic persona of Narendra Modi was awarded with the title Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi’s glamorous Swearing-In ceremony as the 15th Indian Prime Minister ignited a spark in the youth as well the elderly cadre of the society. Indian politics is actually getting more and more interesting. 

The Real time version of the Indian feature film -Nayak came into action after his oath ceremony on May 26, 2014 though those 24 hours has been stretched to 5 years.Soon we all heard the news about his meeting with the ministers at 11:30 pm in the midnight. Through-out the campaigns of BJP’s and Narendra Modi’s motivational speeches of desh bhagati we have been told how he transformed Gujarat state. How he devoted all his life for the welfare of mankind specifically his Gujju bhai-bhen after he was elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001.

A kid who joined the RSS (Rashtriya Sewa Sang) at the age of 8 with desire to work for his country and blurred thoughts in his mind that how he’s gonna do it. The kid spent few years as a chai-wala earning few bucks for the daily needs. A couple of days back I read an article about Narendra Modi stating an incident of a railway journey dated around  20 years back. Narendra Modi gave his seat to a fellow passenger as they were facing some issues. A man who once fought to make his place in the India politics is now leading the whole system. 

 Narendra Modi has definitely become the heartbeat of the positive vibes against the corrupted Indian Political Melodrama.Lagta hai Achche din sahi main aane wale hai. Lekin corruption ka kya! Ek anaar aur pura desh bimar.