Directed By: Vasan Bala

Another masterpiece by Terribly Tiny Talkies!!! Stories is twisted, actors have done a great job, kudos to the director.
The story starts with two lovebirds trying to die on a midnight. The next morning the girl is dead while the boy wakes up, which actually gives the viewers a plot in the back of their mind. The boy trying to find help for the girl(which now looks like a corpse) gets help from a car driver, who takes them to their home. The story takes turn-around from this point, which grips the viewers to the end.
The magnanimity brought by the actors becomes the epicenter of interest. Am I the Bad Girl? (Main bahut buri hoon na!!!) the girl’s dialogue may initially bring warmth  from the viewers for her pyschopathic behaviour. But, the story twists around the same dialogue and will bring goosebumps for the viewers till the last scene
I believe it’s a must watch for all who are short films buffs or just surf around for few gripping flicks on the youtube
Dark to the nerves, Dingy and Blood curdling!!!!