Directed by: Divyansh Ganjoo
Story by: Ashutosh NandKumar Mishra and Divyansh Ganjoo
Duration: 18 min 48 sec
Purple Production’s Cartoonist gives a nostalgic feeling in the first few mins and carries you on the top of that warmth till the last. The director and scriptwriter has showcased film-making brilliance and a uniquely peculiar way in storytelling in these 18min 48 secs . Ashutosh Nandkumar’s shayari makes this movie an ecstatic experience
The story unwinds around a guy- Kaizaad (a newspaper cartoonist), who finds a strange connection between personal incidents of his life to the most infamous terrorist worldwide – Osama Bin Laden. The story begins with Kaizaad, sitting on his desk in dark room, trying to sketch a cartoon and thinking about the terrorist. Kaizaad connects the small incidents of his life with Osama through his cartoons. The story is build around strange connects of a common man’s life with a man, who actually shocked the world.
Mushiness of the past, sentimentality and the benign soul of the movie keeps you intrigued