What Happened That Sunday – A Wife’s Dilemma

From the Makers of “Lunch With My Friend’s Wife”

Direction, Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant

Duration: 15 mins

This movie truly deserves Cannes Film Festival’s Official Selection 2014. Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction by Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant, it’s one man stealing the show. The suspense about the wife’s choices in the life will make you stick to your screen for the full 15 mins. The actors has really sunk deep into the character and the viewer get to notice some really good acting skills.

The story has an innocent beginning about a mentally sick father, who is trying to help his wife in daily life chores. So while cleaning the house, the husband finds something in the kitchen chimney while his wife is in office. That envelope in the chimney twist the story to a new angle which reveals dark secrets about his wife

The story takes many turns till the end. The wife who portrays to be a victim of a cruel side of corporate life, is still fighting to keep his family together, may turn out to be the culprit. (I may not put the end in words over here)

Incredulity, Nihilism and dubiety is something that bring’s Wife Dilemma to its end