A Film by Old Delhi Films (ODF)

Duration: 5 mins 16 sec

The movie scripted around a PR team meeting trying to build Rahul Gandhi’s (Rahul Baba’s) image. A pack of sarcasm and witty-ness of the filmmakers, short entertainer for all the youtubers.

If you are Anti-Congress supporter or looking for something to mock around on Rahul Gandhi, this movie certainly solves the purpose. Though, the movie adds no new flavour to the “Pappu Life” episode of our Great Indian Political Drama. The first thought that came into my mind after watching this – “Trying to Laugh on Old Jokes”.

The PR meeting concept for Rahul Baba’s image building efforts reflects the vibes of originality from the filmmakers (kudos for this one).  Use of abusive language in the official meeting – “C****iya”, watching animated movies on laptop portrays the real PR meeting in action and the actors tried to do justice to the role as well. Though, a PR team not aware of Irom Sharmila or even North East may not be able to sail their boat for much long

The witty remarks from one of the team members on Rahul Gandhi gives a satire-istic angle to the whole. Something, which could have fascinated me to look out more of such short films from ODF is the sharpness in the script.

Overall, the team has done an appreciable job. On the scale of sarcasm, the team filled in some really good thoughts but could have done better. The climax speech by the Boss is riveting (plus the acting and music from Hrithik Roshan’s Lakshay), an epitome of “Woh 70 min” from Shahrukh Khan’s Chak De India.