Orahi, launched in March 2013, provides a platform for the daily travelers to connect to the fellow travelers either as a Car owner or a passenger. The website claims to be the India’s Most Trusted Carpooling App.  Earlier known as Folksvagn Car Pool, charges around INR 3.5 per km from each passenger and out of which INR 3 is passed on to the car owner and a commission of 0.50 paise is charged by the company. This makes around ~14% of the revenue per km – a bountiful quota for the road runner.

A city baffled by the tragedic administrative decisions such as Odd-even rule, imprudent transport infrastructure and demand for intra-region in Delhi-NCR showed Sameer Khanna, founder and CEO of Orahi, opportunities to mint money from the rising demand. Orahi raised INR 3.5 crore from Indian Angel Network in Jan 2016 to build its team from 15 to 40, customer platform and other functions within the company as per an article by yourstory.com.

Orahi App inputs your basic details as a passenger or car-owner and creates your profile which is visible to all car-owners in case you are a passenger and vice-a-versa. The app integrated with Google Maps plots all the nearby car-owners for you to choose the fellow traveler.

The user can send an invite to other fellow travelers to connect and choose a ride for himself. The design of the platform is quite user-friendly, which could have made it a quick-pick job for any user!!!. The number of ‘rides done’  is a good indicator of the travelers frequency over a particular route. However, the team efforts to create user-friendly environment didn’t bloom as the App’s development couldn’t even match the squares. The app has rained frogs with issues such as invite sent to a different person, invite canceled, payment not settled, payment made to a different person/ for a wrong date.
Orahi provides great benefits for the travelers both passengers and car-owners, which in turn creates new customers and hold backs existing customer base. Every 2nd ride free for the passenger and around 10 liters of free petrol for the car-owners. The passengers are actually paying a petty amount for intra-region travel which is equal to or lesser than public transport service- a great deal to go with Orahi!!!. The car owners receive 85% of the amount the passenger pays for a single ride, which when multiplied to three adds up to a good enough amount for the owners to run through Orahi. The App is available both on Android Playstore and Apple Appstore!
I and one of my friend did a little maths for a particular route. The startup is collecting INR 415 from three passengers for a 33 km journey in a day i.e., both home-office and office-home while they are paying  INR 450 to the car owner for each car per day. Besides leveraging a great idea, the startup is using investor’s funding to keep up the market share. The current deal may not last long for the startup to sustain on its own.
Besides the interactive platform, one can also reach out to their customer care number available on their website and mobile app to get the issues resolved. Though the customer care rep’s have limited authority to actually support you over issues (not much luck over here!!!). One may have to tackle with the same issues corrected through the customer care. Thanks to their App Development team!!!!
The app also offers features such as easy uploading of cash through card or account transfer and share and earn benefits to enhance their customer engagement experience.
Beyond the above shabbiness, the app has actually acted as a Saint in disguise. The commuters have waited for such a platform from a long time. The company has been able to capture a fairly decent customer base over the time and with rising demand among the commuters, it carries the potential to be a part of ‘necessities list’  for many commuters.